22. feb. 2001

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Iannis XenakisXannis Xenakis er látinn

4. febrúar:
PARIS (Reuters) - Romanian-born French composer, architect and mathematician Yannis Xenakis, who invented a new genre of music composed with the aid of computers, died on Sunday aged 78.

"France loses one of its most brilliant artists today", French President Jacques Chirac said in a statement of condolence.

Xenakis, born in Romania to a wealthy family of Greek origin, moved to Greece in 1932 and subsequently fought with the Greek resistance during World War Two, losing an eye in battle.

Expelled by Greece in 1947 because of his political beliefs, Xenakis moved to Paris where he closely collaborated with modernist architect Le Corbusier for the next 12 years.

Parallel to this, he began studying composition at the Paris Conservatory under illustrious composers including Olivier Messiaen and Darius Milhaud.

Xenakis developed a new composing technique using computers and based on the mathematical probability of the recurrence of notes and rhymes. This yielded some of his breakthrough works, Metastasis in 1955 and Achorripsis in 1958.

"By breaking free from the constraints of the classical norm, by taking the path of random music and by using the inputs of science, he contributed to the definition of a new area of freedom for musical art", Chirac said.

Xenakis became a naturalized French citizen in 1965 and the following year set up the School of Mathematical and Automatic Music. He leaves behind a wife and a daughter.

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