Caputis a contemporary music ensemble founded in 1987 by young Icelandic artists.
has premiered countless Icelandic and European works and has given concerts in North America and 15 European countries.
has performed at the Warsaw Autumn Festival, the Gulbenkian Festival in Lisbon, and the New Concert Series in Toronto. The ensemble has appeared in Santa Cecilia in Rome and in London’s Wigmore Hall.
has released 10 CDs in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and the United States. The group’s performances can also be heard on seven CDs featuring other artists.
has established itself as a force in Icelandic cultural life and as one of Europe’s leading contemporary music ensembles. The group is widely acclaimed for its powerful interpretation and technical proficiency. Performances by CAPUT have often been presented at the annual International Rostrum of Composers in Paris.
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– October 15, 2003 –
Concert at Salurinn, Kopavogur Music House
20th century masterpieces

Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg from 1912 and
Le Marteau sans Maitre by Pierre Boulez from 1954 (premiere in Iceland)

Solo voice: Helene Gjerris
Conductor: Gudmundar Ola Gunnarssonar

15:15 (2003-2004) Concert Series
at the Reykjavik City Theatre

CAPUT hópurinn
The principal conductor of CAPUT is Gudmundur Oli Gunnarsson


New CDs from CAPUT

Skalholt Mess – Hrodmar Ingi Sigurbjornssonar
Surrounded – Sunleif Rasmussen

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December 6, 2008


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